Friday, February 3, 2012

Here we go again...

Yesterday was quite a long day for me. I went through to my moms where we made our way to the PET scan centre. After much waiting and seing people be called up but not to return it was my turn.I was ushered through to a recovery room where I waitied for my radioactive drip. Struggling to find a vein as per usual the doctor eventually found a vein in my wrist. It all made me think really - This radioactive drip...would I gain super spidy powers so I could climb walls and make webs apear from my fingertips? Would I glow in the dark?? Alas - nothing quite as exciting. The injection of the actual radioactive juice was plugged into my drip via 1 hell of a contraption - it looked like something you would find on a workshop table in a garage. Confused, I looked at the doctor and asked 'whats the need for the contraption?'. 'I can't touch it, I deal with so much of this on a daily basis that it's a bit too dangerous'. Ermmmm - and you're injecting that into me? Gee thanks!

After waiting about a hour and  a half it was my turn next - I climbed on up to the machine and was told it would take 20 minutes of going in and out scanning my entire body. My nerves were shot until this point. Everything from here and out I was leaving in the big man aboves hands. 

The results would be ready by the time I went to my oncologist.

Woke up this morning with a really nervous stomach - please, please may this go right for me for once. It would be so nice to know I was in remission.

Alas, on sitting down with my mom and my doctor she revealed results that I did in actual fact have cancer in my liver again and a really small leison in my groin area that she was not too worried about. I'm not sure how but I managed to keep my calm and discuss how we were going to get through this. There were a few options but it looks like I may go on trial again for chemo. At the moment I'm still quite frustrated with life. Take a few steps forward - take a few steps back. It's just so f*&%ng irritating. When will this be done with already?

I will fight it and never give up of course - just my day of frustrations and venting. Warning - not good company at the moment and may bite anyones head off at any given time.

Will update everyone once I have talked things over with the trials team sometime next week. There are a few options with chemo so we shall have to see.