Thursday, October 21, 2010

{insert swear word here}

I fear I am not a 'robocop' and infact my hair is thinning out Beeeeeeeg time. I comb my hair every morning with the utmost precautions over the sink and every morning I swear infront of the mirror hoping it's just my hair thinning and not actually falling out. 'Maybe just maybe it'll stop doing this' I tell myself. 3 months later seems a bit delayed compared to the normal 'after one treatment'. Suppose if it happens it happens but a young womens hair is more than you think. The silver lining : goodbye damaged hair hello healthier hair???? ...Always trying for a positive side. I tried :p
On another note I am starting on my 4th cycle of treatment (every month is a cycle) but I think my body (and hair) is starting to feel it now. I feel more and more tired lately and I'm finding I need my naps - can't concentrate to save my life either it seems when I reach mid day.
Have a good weekend all :)

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autopsychic said...

Good luck I hope that you start feeling better and I'm sure the treatment will knock the cancer far away!

Thanks for the blog,it is great being able to watch your progress :)