Monday, November 1, 2010

onward we go

Ok - so the hair is still there. It seems that every week my one specific trial doctor will walk up to me in utter amazement and gasp that my hair  is still there. Yay me!

So lately I  have been thinking about everything I have gone through since being diagnosed. I try to stay on the positive side of things but my mind seems to waft back to the idiot in the white coat who misdiagnosed me. Everyone says that it's extremely hard to sue doctors about misdiagnosis but then I think about it-  my mom who is a medical technologist at a blood bank for Western Provice - everyday she has the stresses of losing her job if she makes a mistake of giving out the wrong blood or not double checking up after herself on the records etc How is this different!? I trusted this doctor would put my mind at ease to something that was 
clearly a worry for me. If the cancer had been discovered I could easily be over it all right now and it wouldn't have spread to my liver. I think I have decided that towards the end of my treatment I am going to investigate such cases like mine. If anybody has had a personal experience in this (or you have heard of such stories) the advice would be much appreciated :)

My better half asked me the other day if I think I have changed since going through the whole ordeal. In many ways yes but I think I still have quite a journey to go. I find I am even more calm than what I was and I don't let the silly things bug me like they usesd to. I walk away before an argument event starts and another huge aspect is an urge to help people in a similar situation to me. I just want to help and go the extra mile for the people who deserve it. Especially the people in my life who love and support me so much.

Love you guys!

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