Thursday, January 6, 2011

Positive Feedback

Yesterday I paid a visit to my new oncologist – what an angel…..and certainly someone of a complete
Different nature to the original donkey who gave my diagnosis.

Dr. Rika Pienaar is a extremely well known Oncologist and she specialises in the areas of my cancer. Why
I didn’t find out about her before – I don’t know but I wish I had gone for a second opinion by her.

On close examination she seems to think my main tumor has shrunk quite a bit but it has gone hard however.
This means either A) certain sections of the tumour are not responding to my type of chemo but the rest is responding well or B) When my 2 biopsi’s were done the needle has caused the tissue to go hard. If the answer is A it means I’ll need another kind of chemo to break the bastard down.

The other cards that have been laid on the table (that she would like to do) is remove the problem sources of cancer, Whack me with a short stint of radiation as well as a possible maesectomy (eventually). She seems very certain on the Process plan but I think It will take a while.

On chatting to my cousin shortly after my appointment (her mother sadly struggled a long battle of breast, ovarian and skin cancer) she asked how I felt about having a masectomy because I said it so ‘without worry’. I told her I would Have it done in a heartbeat without even thinking. I’ll do anything to better my chances – absoloutely anything. If my family had gone through genetic testing before all this I would have opted to lob the suckers off if I’d known I was so proane. One can always get new ta tas ;)

I know I have been very positive but the doctor has given me that little extra bit of hope ;)

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