Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Something I have learnt while having the dreaded C is you experience a hell of a lot of waiting. You’re always hanging on the edge of your seat for an answer. This week I am waiting for a final answer on the new plan of action.
It is confirmed that my body seems to be growing immune to the Chemo now so a new plan of action might be rolling about soon – new chemo. Meh.
This all means I will have to come off the trials that I am currently on which means a bigger worry of course when it comes to my measly medical aid. My medical aid at the end of all this might give me heart conditions too just because of worry alone.
So anyways – I had genetic testing done and my doctor called me in to discuss the results. I tested positive for the breast cancer gene of course. It’s very clear that it is hereditary meaning my family needs to have necessary testing done as well as confirming the needs of me having to have the lump removed.
The lump can only be removed when the primary source in my breast goes down because the area is a very difficult area to deal with being just ‘below’ my breast. It is positioned just above my rib with not a lot of skin to use (trust my luck).
This new form of chemo won’t be done through my port this time – instead it will be done orally in pill form together with another drug similar to Herceptin. Unfortunately symptoms are still the same – just no hair loss (yay!).Just as well because the hair that I have lost is sprouting back looking a bit spiky at the top of my head. It reminds me of a grass head that kids grow – looks kind of funny but super grateful that I didn’t lose a whole lot of hair. I think it would have made things a lot more difficult.
Getting a bit fed up of all the weight gain since the treatment. I have put on ±10kgs. I keep telling myself that at least I am eating and it’s not a whole lot of weight loss making me look more ill but can’t help but feel a bit self conscious about it. I tried the healthy eating but it seems like the steroids are winning the battle here instead so I tend to eat whatever I crave still eating healthy when I can.
Guess we’ll have to wait and see what the doctors confirm on Friday…

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plussizepinup said...

Holding thumbs for more good news, Goose. 2011 is going to be an awesome year!
Love you lots