Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exciting New Projects Up Ahead

Not too much has happened in the last month with regards to my health. Maybe that's a good thing ;-)

The effects of my chemo tablets haven't been too horrendous. In my 3rd week/ rest week of not taking tablets I was quite weak and nauseous with a low blood count but nothing as bad as the Red Devil. Thank heavens!

So - with my last blog post I had some exciting news brewing. Drum roll please.....

I am going to be starting a magazine together with My Choice Publishing and our first Issue will be out in August. I am so ecstatic with this new project. A little about the magazine - It's Cancer related of course and it's specifically made up for patients in this 'journey' we all have in common. It'll be a free A5 magazine available at all oncology units, government hospitals and cancer related doctors. It'll be filled up with inspirational stories, tips, advice, doctors columns and details of advertisers to aid a patients life a bit 'better' for example: contacts for wigs and prosthesis's, healthy meals that can be delivered to your home if you're not feeling well enough, nutrition supplements...The list is quite long but I think you get the idea. We are hoping that some big corporate groups will be supporting this venture to make it the Ultimate success. There is nothing out there like it and this magazine is not only for breast cancer. We don't want to discriminate...this is for all kinds of cancer because at the end of the day we are all fighting the same fight.

All this was thought of by me when I was on leave. I originally thought up a website idea and a few days later I thought no way - we need a magazine that' s free and distributed within western cape. Now I have many ideas all the time but this one just felt so, soooo right. I immediately contacted Nicky from My Choice Publishing who I have known personally for a while and she absolutely LOVED the idea and offered to help me with this new 'vision'. Throughout my own journey I have always enjoyed helping people with the same dreaded disease whether it be through means of support or giving them handy contacts or tips. This is my new proud project and I am already so proud of what is to come. Wish me luck!

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