Monday, September 10, 2012

4 down - 2 to go!

Past the halfway mark through this treatment at least - well I certainly hope. Last time my doc pushed me for more on the red devil. Lets just hope that this works for once and for all. I often wonder - how much can I really take here?

Before you all think 'don't give up' - it's not like that. I'd die fighting for anything and often like to prove people's just that sometimes I think jeez already...enough. It's not something you can help thinking with so many people around me being affected by cancer. Not everyone receives good news all the time with cancer. There is always the good and the bad...unfortunately lately I am hearing more bad from friends and family with cancer. It makes my blood boil at times because it just isn't fair.

My misdiagnosis case carries on - I got some good news from my lawyer the other day that there is a very good chance that the doctor who misdiagnosed me wants to settle. I have had to gather all my reports, scans, x-rays, salary slips etc for a further inspection so they can get to the bottom of this. It's been such a long process so far. I asked my lawyer the other day 'what happens with the doctor in the end?' - can you believe all that happens is their insurance goes up? I thought that was rather shocking - not even a rap on the knuckles?

Great news :) !! I was completely scared as hell at first because this new chemo gives me pains in the kidney/ abdominal area to such an extent that it made me stress the cancer had grown. Turns out that the new chemo is actually working and I had a 30% reduction in my lesion in the liver. Woot woot!!! The wait for my results that day was torture because I didn't know what the hell to expect. My poor mother knew my concern and even attempted to take me to breakfast as well as shopping to get my mind off of the situation. When we got to my oncologists office and she read out the report to me I almost sat waiting to hear something bad had appeared. When she looked up at me and I officially realised she was finished I was ecstatic. You have no idea what a relief it is to know that the chemo is working. 

My hair is growing nicely - this chemo has made it thin a little bit but it's still nice and thick on my head. It was getting to be a bit of an unimaginable length to work with until I figured I could pin my fringe back and even sport a mini ponytail :) The little things in life make you so happy I tell you! I found myself at Pick 'n Pay getting excited to buy some clips the other day. Everybody keeps telling me to get my hair trimmed at the hairdresser and it will grow faster that way, but every time I have visited the hair dresser they hack off a few months of growth. Think I will rather wait until it's a bit longer where I can have a proper style. For now am thrilled that I haven't lost it so far with this chemo *touches wood*

Our magazine will be hitting shelves soon - nervous but yet excited! Watch this space for a link to it!

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