Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1 year anni of no 'leftie'

Can you believe that last week on the 26th of September was my 1 year anniversary for having my mastectomy? Do I miss it - yes indeed! however I don't miss the cancer that was in it. It has taken me a really long time to be comfortable with my 'situation' since a year ago but I must say the last year has flown by tremendously and what tears I shed for not being able to get my immediate reconstruction done is a thing of the past. Don't get me wrong - I still want to bribe my doctor so we can go ahead to get some 'silly boobies' (silicone boobs) put in but I am OK with knowing it'll be in the next stage or 2 instead. For now I'll still check that my prosthesis is in line with the real boob every 20 mins while in public but what's most important is to get rid of the 'c' in my liver.

I must say that I really am feeling good. I can feel I am really fatigued lately from all the treatment but maybe that's because I have been very much on the go lately with the magazine and fundraising events.

My magazine is officially out and I am so impressed with the first issue! I have received so many comments about how it turned out and I have even received feedback from some government hospitals thanking me. Nothing can warm your heart up better than that! I'm quite excited to dive into my December issue. For those of you who have not seen it - check it out! You can view the e-book at  the bottom of the page.

With October being Breast Cancer awareness month it's certainly one to be keeping me busy. On Friday night I will be shaving people hair at the shavathon/ sprayathon at the Sunningdale Market. I was quite surprised but I was also cordially invited by the CEO of Spar to be a guest at the Spar Ladies Breast Cancer awareness breakfast. It's promised to be a hell of a lot of spoiling which I am rather looking forward to! Sunday BreastBuddies is hosting a 'Icons of the 80's' show in honour of Pink Drive who do some amazing work in spreading awareness. Last but not least - next Friday on Bandana day my friend Sheryl aka Mrs Western Cape will be visiting the kids at Red Cross hospital for a morning of spoiling the kiddies, entertaining them with a clown and  taking them some goodie bags. I cannot wait! The cause feels so incredibly close to my heart (and always has been) but I often think 'if I feel like I have been hit by a bus from chemo and like I have a 5 day hangover of note then how the hell must a child feel?'. That cannot be easy and this is why we want to bring some smiles and a laugh or two to the kids who could probably need it most.

I'm holding fingers but next week should be my last chemo session - Can only hope we can move onto the next step into the future then!

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