Friday, August 6, 2010

3rd of August  
‘D’ Day is here and almost gone.

I had my first chemo session today! It was a lot better than anticipated.
I walked into the treatment room (a room full of lazy boyes and drip stands) and met up with the nurse who would be responsible for me. This woman was like a mother Theresa might I add. She took me to a chair, I put my bag down and literally from the time I leaned down with my back facing her she knew I was in tears handing me tissues. A wave of emotion just hit me like a tidal wave all of a sudden because I was starting the biggest fight of my life and I was unaware of the ‘unexpected’ because everyone is different. This was just plain blady scary and the pills that I had been given to take didn’t numb/ calm me in any way from this. Another nurse from across the room saw me in distress and came and rubbed my shoulders ‘welcome to the chemo room’ she said – well did this set me off further… Is she mad to say such a thing?! – terror just struck me all over and I pictured myself in the ‘panic room’ instead. Eventually ‘Mother Theresa’ and Nigel managed to get a smile on my face and got me ready to start.
To my shock I could only have visitors every 30 mins for a span of 10 minutes. For my first time that was a bit harsh considering I was a bit of a bundle of nerves. Nigel and my dad however tried to come in and stay for as long as someone would notice bringing me snacks and stuff to drink. I was there for 4 ½ hours...

To those of you who seem to think/ picture the chemo room as something scary and depressing it really isn’t at all. All the people who are being treated (all older of course by like 20  years or so) all have smiles on their faces and are as chirpy as ever. Quite a buzz going on. After about  4 1/2 hours of different drips (cortisone, saline, anti nausea stuff – all to which made me really sleepy and generally with a slight ‘hot flush’ )I was given the ‘liquid gold’. Nigel sat joking for every drop that went through was R10, R20….R500. It’s outrageous how much it costs. This person who invented it (and we love him so) must be stinking ritch!
Eventually I got to go home. I slept for about 3 hours and after that was wiiiiide awake. Symptoms? Hideous metal taste in mouth (swear I’m going to be a elephant within a mouth because I keep stuffing sweets in my mouth to get the taste away), mouth sores, achey body, weakness and nausea. All of which hasn’t been too bad really. It’s really just like the flu really – well I certainly hope the symptoms don’t get worse!! I just finished this amazing book called the ‘C word’ by Lisa Lynch who went through a similar situation to me also being as young and her symptoms sounded unbearable. Guess it’s a good thing that everyone is different. Lets just hope the hair stays put!! (can only hope and pray).

Next treatment is next Thursday – wish me luck!

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