Monday, August 23, 2010

I am almost 1/3 of the way through treatment already :)

I had yet another bad reaction last week to the chemo. The first time I had it my body had never experienced it before therefore I was completely fine, the second time my body had realised what it was and formed the reaction...3rd time was quite bad. Not even 2 minutes had gone by of the nurse opening up the drip and I was gasping for air and I was as red as a lobster once again. I pictured myself as the girl who swells up  like a massive blueberry in charlie and the chocolate factory - my skin felt like it was going to pop right off I was swelling up. 10 minutes later I was back to normal again. I had to wait almost 2 hours for the doctors to allow me to carry on with the chemo ( I got the impression they wanted to stop it ). The doctors have now decided that my anti allergic medication isn't strong enough and now I need to have an injection as well.
I only got out at 4:30 that afternoon. What a looooong day.

Friday was my Birthday. Slept nice and late, Nigel took the day off, had family come over and then I was taken to my favourite restaurant for Sushi - Belugas of course :) Had an early night and caught up on sleep (quite sad considering if I didn't have cancer I would be partying it up with my mates as per norm). On saterday morning I had 23 of my friends join me for breakfast at Ciao baby at Eden on The Bay. Was really nice - felt soooo loved and spoilt!

I was overlooking my whole situation this weekend with being a year older and really is a horrible situation but I really do consider myself lucky with all the support, prayers and thoughts that I get. I realised how extremely calm I am and asked myself am I normal??? Between Nigel and Yvonne they always joke that I'm like a Robocop...Here is to hoping I am and that this will all be a walk in the Park ;)

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