Tuesday, September 7, 2010

After yet another treatment last week another bad reaction -grrrrrr. It's left me with a rather stressed out week because after having 5 different 'anti' reaction medications for the chemo (which leave me rather high as a kite and on another planet) I still had a bad reaction!!!
I stress that the trial will not want to carry on using me and boot me back to my normal oncologist.

I had quite the depressing weekend. I stayed home the entire weekend (I find it so frustrating) I felt too ill and weak to even sit at friends. I'm not ill to the stage where I'm physically throwing up (thankfully) but there is the fine line that I walk. I either sleep or lay on the couch and watch T.V. - Let's just say I watch an unbelievable amount of the 70's show at the moment ;)

I want to thank everybody who helped raise money for my fundraiser. An unbelievable amount was raised and I am so greatful for all your help, thoughts, prayers and words of wisdom. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

I'm still as positive as ever and certainly plan on being the next 'Lance Armstrong'. With my brother being an avid lance fan I decided to read the book and it's so empowering to see that someone who was only given a 3% chance to live (after being diagnosed with testicular, brain cancer and lung cancer) is now a world champion and survivor of the dreaded 'c'.

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