Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some Front Page news

I have got the best news ever today - My cancer has shrunk 42% :) How awesome is that!?

If it wern't for my liver right now - I think I'd grab a bottle of champers and drink to the special news. So to all those reading this - you know what to do :p

So I went for the CT scan and for those of you who don't know thats where they scan your whole bodyand they inject some Iodine into your blood stream so they can see the effetced areas. They then run you through this 'hoop' and they get the images from there. Well I went for mine and lucky me (not) some Iodine dripped out of the vein. I went for treatment - looked down at my arm and saw it was twice the size and couldn't even bend my arm. Suppose I can live with the swollen arm though :)

Oh , see my results below for those of you that are interested. Have an awesome long weekend and thanks for all the support!!!

old diameter of cancer:165.4mm (the leisions are measured all together)

new diameter 95.3 :)

here is the breakdown

breast: it was 33.3 - now 29.5
lymph node: was 12.6mm - now 11.8mm
segment 8 liver: 43.7mm - now 21.1mm
segment 7 liver: 25.0mm - 12.8mm
segment 8 liver: 29.7mm - now 16.1mm
segment 4 liver :21.1mm now 4mm :)

so significantly my liver is a lot better overall - yay!!!!!!

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