Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Red Devil

For those of you who are not aware - I started my new treatment last Wednesday. Wow is this a whole nother ball game!!! I hate it :( 
My day started at 9am getting down to the chemo room. I was bombarded by all the friendly faces of nurses who openly greeted me with hugs. It was kind of weird considering I hadn't been here for 2 weeks now.
I was seated now on the other side of the room (seen that trials happens towards the back) and of course lost 'my chair' that all the staff had known was mine. The nurses began to tell me of all the new side effects I would feel with this new drug nicknamed Red Devil.
As soon as they had got me linked to my line I felt this wave of nausea -suddenly I wasn't so excited to start the new treatment.It slowly subsided a bit and got better. The rest of the treatment took about 2 hours (alot quicker than the old treatment).
I went home feeling a bit normal and then it suddenly hit me. Immense nausea and tiredness. I was so nauseas that every time I even thought of food or heard the fridge open I was naar to my stomach. I was staying at my mom because she was off work for 2 weeks. Nobody takes better care of you than good ol mom :) The only downside to this is my mom loves to watch the cooking channels......eeeeew.
3 days later I am slowly starting to feel normal again. Extremely weak with litrally no energy and I'm eating marmite toast/ bland fruit alot more easily now. yay me!
Just gotta take it a day at a time I guess. Really didn't think it would knock it out of me so much.

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