Friday, March 18, 2011

Hair Today - Gone Today?

That is the question...
I was considering chopping whats left of my locks off 2nite.
For those of you that have seen me - I have been sporting a 'poor boy' beanie due to my hair looking like such a state in the last week. My hair looks like Yolandi Visser...most of you won't know who she is. Google it - it may be the worst hair do you have ever seen! If I had to explain in - it's similar to a mullet gone wrong. With all the chemo over the last 7 months- I lost about 3/4 of my hair and as mentioned in the posts previously it has grown out kind of awkwardley whereas my other hair is super thin and rather much lacking at the back! Now everytime I look in the mirror I feel so saddened - I don't know why. It just gets me down a bit so I think I am going to chop it off before it starts falling out hectically. I want to feel like I am in control. Enough of this 'is it going to fall out or isn't it crap' - It's been going for over 7 months already!
Yesterday I found out about my massive organised fundraiser - I thank you all for the immense (unexpected) support. Everyone has been so amazing and so supportive - when I think about it I just feel so amazingly overwhelmed. When talking to my other half last night I just couldn't explain what I feel with such support - and he certainly couldn't help either. It's just so big! I thank you all for the helping hand. There just arn't words to describe how I feel. I'm still over joyed about the first one really!

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