Friday, March 4, 2011

Ok - so cycle 8 didn't quite start at all...
I had a CT scan last Thursday and when I went the next day for my chemo the doctors put an immediate stop to my treatment. The primary source (in my breast) has grown a bit so it appears my body is growing immune to it all. I was supposed to start the new Red Devil Treatment today but alas - my medical aid hasn't finished authorizing my meds for chemo. Medical Aids in general make my blood boil (grrrrrr). I was supposed to start treatment STAT but apparently Discovery has had a back log and a half of work to authorize. 
I am now stopping stressing for the day/ weekend and going to try enjoy a weekend until the drama starts up again next week  ;) My body/ immune system deserves a bit of a break!
I had a wrap up session with the Trials team this week - I'm so sad to leave them! All the nurses and doctors are absolutely amazing.  It's also a bit stressful having to rely on my medical aid paying for everything - before the trials paid for everything. Just got to hope and pray that it all works out I guess!

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