Thursday, April 7, 2011

Red Devil no. 2 -aaaaaaalmost half way there...

Day 4 of Chemo No. 2 - I feel like sh*t  :( I have been so emotional and not knowing what to do with myself for the last 3 days - I am just getting so frustrated. I lay in bed as much as possible because the less I move around the better I tend to feel on the nausea side of things. Suppose it's a never ending cycle really. I hope to get back to normality as soon as possible so I can feel myself again.
I was supposed to have had chemo last week Wednesday but shockingly I got a call on Tuesday saying 'sorry your blood results are bad - we resceduling you to next Monday'. Being called about a simple blood test feels like you have failed a major exam or something. It's so weird...Not a lot of people will understand it for what it is but it's such a dissapointment at the end of the day. You mentally psyche yourself up soooo much only to hit a brick wall. Doof!! I relaxed for the next 2 days as well as the weekend and then when Friday came around again I had my 2nd set of blood tests done. Only Monday did I find out that I passed this time so on went my day for going for Chemo.
I first visited my Oncologist for a follow up appointment. On sitting down she asks me ' so how much do you hate me right now?'. I told her that I thought the chemo was extremely grueling and her exact description was perfectly suited - ' you're going to feel like you have 1 hell of a bad hangover for about 4-5 days'. Turns out that chemo no1 was in fact given to me on a much milder dose. Hmpf.... (imagine my excitement to start chemo in the next hour or so).
My doctor examined me and she immediately could see that the tumour had shrunk. She seems to think the Good Ol Red Devil (mean red devil more like it) is going to hit this out of the ball park completely. 
On walking out of the doctors office I ran into Heather (all at RE/MAX will know who she is) who was having an appointment with my doctor right after me. She was scheduled for treatment as well. On arriving at the chemo room I sat down and got 'plugged in'  and to my surprise Heather was actually seated to sit next to me. It was so nice to have a familiar face nearby where we chatted about our ailments and life in general...and also to the ladies accross from us..

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