Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thanks and more

The past week has been one amazing week – Wednesday specifically to be exact.
My work held a rather fabulous fundraiser for me at the Barnyard theatre. I feel so in awe
Every time I think back to it…..I get all emotional again…
I really did not expect too many people to be there to be honest – I was simply blown away by the outcome. It is so amazing to have So many people that care – it’s made my journey so much better and positive. I sincerely believe that half the battle is Already won once you have that conquered (positivity that is).

Before the age of 30 a young woman would never expect to go through the hurdles of chemotherapy x2, loosing your hair, having a
Double mastectomy done, reconstruction, radiation and possibly RFDA. I’m going to conquer it all!! Watch this space people!!!

Last week I approached my better half saying I wanted to shave my head – of all people he had been putting me off thinking I was going to Regret it because I wasn’t loosing it like the typical ‘patient’ – Instead my hair was thinning ever so gradually making me look like a crazy baby chic
With hair about 20 different lengths sticking out everywhere. After bathing it would take me about 30 mins to ‘de hair’ myself from the bath. It was Driving me crazy so I asked him if he would help me shave it. I thought I would be an emotional mess but I felt so much better and I think Nigel did 2. It felt empowering to an extent – like you’re getting the best of it all. I hid my head for a day or 2 but it turns out Nigel quite likes it. We look like 2 peas in a pod now – both with shaved heads :p In a way it’s kind of nice to not have the chore of taking a while to wash and dry my hair and I can take away the expense of shampoo, treatments and conditioner :p (you have to look at the silver lining :p ) I now have quite a nice new ‘do’ that everyone likes. I must say I am not used to having hair in my face all the time (hence the wearing a beanie to keep it out of my face and keep my neck from not being so hot)

I had the weirdest thing happen to me last Friday – I all of a sudden got this terrible fever and felt so extremely nauseas with a really sore stomach. I raced home – got myself under 3 mounds of blanket and a hot water bottle. I was still freezing!! I thought I was coming down with flu – thankfully by early hours of the next morning I woke up feeling myself again. Apparently it’s a symptom of chemo. How nice…after a week and a half of having chemo when you think the worst is over. Chemo – the gift that keeps on giving. Go figure huh…

I would have thought I’d have a bit of rest with the public hols but alas – my chemo is scheduled for the 26th of this month. Slap bang in the middle of it all. How nice…I suppose I’ll be ½ way through at least J Always look at the silver lining….

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