Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Onward we plod

Half way mark is done and dusted as from last week Tuesday - it feels like I am climbing a hill and as I am looking up the hill it's making me feel so tired just seing whats left. 
I know I'm getting great results so just have to tough it out. 3 more left!!
Last weeks nausea was ok - my better half was looking after me because he was off. Got served plenty of toast and Ginger Beer -thanks babe!! I am still feeling a bit naar at times but it's manageable I must say.
Quite a few things happening this month - CT scan, Breast Buddies Quiz (thanks to those who have shown support - still have loads of tickets available!!), Cacer Survivor Forum at the Civic Centre, my chemo (bleagh) and a few days later Gary Phillips is running the Darling Marathon for me - Bless your heart Gary. You're such an angel. The support and care and wanting to help just continues throughout. I am hoping and praying that I am well enough (I have chemo 2 days before) to go and see the race and see Gary finish the race and packing up our home.
I am so happy - my loved one and 2 furry 'kiddies' are moving to a new home. Our lease has ended and we have decided to move to something more secure, a semi detatched house with 2 bedrooms and a garden. So excited and so happy I don't have to climb several flights of stairs anymore -yay!!! By the time I get half way I have to rest. Chemo really runs your body down!
On my way to work this morning I was thinking about all the people and friends that I have gained through this experience. Mainly friends who have also been through or currently fighting the battle of cancer as well. There is nothing more empowering than that - especially my dear friend Helen. She is currently going through the trials which I did and she has the exact same diagnosis as me - Left breast cancer and leisons in the liver. Our doctors put us in contact with eacg other because we are both so young and could benefit from each other. It has helped so much keeping in contact with her - just as positive so we tend to motivate each other and get each other through.

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