Sunday, May 15, 2011

nerves and then some more

Tomorrow is a beeeeeg day!
I have my first CT scan since being on this treatment - lets just say I am super nervous. I know the results will be positive ones simply because I can feel the primary site getting smaller treatment by treatment - however I don't know whats going on further than that in my liver and under my arm amongst the nodes. All I can do is pray for the best response ever. I am half way through and hopefully the good response will just persist going on (until nothing is there would be great!)
After my scan I see my oncologist so we can review the results and chat further about whats happening.
and after all that excitememt I will be going to malpractice lawyers - with doing some research with several attornerys we have been told that we have quite a good case and we should not leave this alone whatsoever.
My dad managed to find some malpractice lawyers. No payments are made which is great. Should we win they take a cut of the outcome however which I do not mind whatsoever. I have been thinking about this all time and time again and have often thought I should just leave it due to having to concentrate on the good around me but the more I think of this doctor the more I want to put up a fight. No matter what doctor you are - should a patient come to you with a worrying lump you have to investiugate it no matter what. All he had to do was send me for a scan. Should he have done that - I would most probably be well on my way to recovery - maybe even stage 1 cancer. Thats what makes me angry...
Crossing fingers for the next 24hrs
Wednesday is our quiz evening - should anybody be interested please contact me. We really could do with the support!!
Alas - Thursday is chemo day - I feel green just thinking about it -bleaugh!

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