Monday, February 21, 2011

Cycle 8 of Chemo

I cannot believe that I am starting cycle 8 of chemo soon. This will be my last month of chemo on the trials department.
I had a meeting with my 2 oncologists on Friday. My doctor will be attending the meeting for the drug she wanted me to be on - to see if the drug will be released to tier 1 medical aid patients sooner than later. If this drug does not get released sooner than we anticipated then I will be put on the mother of all chemos - RED DEVIL. My current chemo that I am on now is a walk in the park comparred to this stuff. So not stoked for that at all but it still excites me that it's a further hope to get better. Bring it on I say!!
I'm finding that I'm growing more and more old lady like as time goes by. I have such intense back pain in the mornings that I struggle to get out of bed at times. 
I am quite excited for our support group this year. I recently got together with the main organiser/ Chair person in CT for Breast Buddies and we have come up with some great ideas to get us out there and make 
the awareness bigger. It may sound funny with me currently still on chemo but I enjoy getting this kind of thing out there. If I can empower people to be aware and help the cause then I am more than happy :)
We are getting some marketing put togetehr such as our own buffs, rubber band bracelets, cool and quirky shirts - I hope it really takes off.
We are going to host such events as quiz evenings, A Mad Hatter Tea party, launching a calendar with fighters and survivors and a Pink Coctail event (which we will do a reveal of the calendar). If anybody has any great contacts for sponsorship/ prizes then please let us know. We need as much help as possible :)

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